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It was 2014, I was living the American dream. Grinding and hustling; an immigrant in my mid-twenties, working 2-3 jobs, very energetic, with no expensive hobbies, no vacations, no social life at all. I simply enjoyed seeing my bank account grow. I was proud of myself. One fine morning, I felt a sharp jolt around my heart, it pierced sorely that in a few minutes I couldn't breathe. The next thing, I knew, I was in hospital. I watched every penny I had earned slip away on my medical bills. I was back to zero.

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With less energy and strength due to health issues, I was no longer able to work for many hours like I used to, so. I struggled financially until I started my journey of learning about money and how to effectively manage it. This completely changed everything. It wasn't just about how much I earn but where I put it. I am now an entrepreneur, real estate investor and certified financial coach who strongly believes that you can change your financial course and find success with money if you take time to learn. Yes, you heard me right, you need to increase your knowledge on what you want to achieve.